Wild Indiana

Wild Indiana Silicone Spoon Set – Sage


Introducing our new STARTER SPOONS!

Matching our popular 4 core coloured bowls – Set includes 2 spoons.

Ok story time… I love love my silicone bowl + spoon set! Everything about it is amazing. When I started solids with my 3rd baby though I found that I needed a more narrow scoop for her little mouth, than the original silicone spoon. This STARTER SPOON has been perfect for feeding her. She loves to hold the original spoon and attempt to feed herself (Because it is wider and easier for them to hold) but this starter spoon has been so helpful for me to feed her!

Made with stiff silicone and a narrow scoop perfect for tiny mouths, BPA FREE, FDA APPROVED dishwasher safe. 

This is a perfect addition to your bubs first silicone bowl and spoon set!


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